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Our vision

Our vision is a world where professionals are continuously mobilized to close gaps in society and industry critical professions.

Who we are

Integrated experience in mobilizing candidates for the Swedish market

Sourcinal is launched as a response to shortages in professions that are critical to societal functions and industrial growth in Sweden and offers new solutions that reach beyond traditional national and private-public borders to truly solve industry critical shortages of qualified professionals.

Sourcinal is governed by CEO Nelly Andersson and a collection of senior experts with 20+ years of experience with deployment of international recruitment models, HR processes, business development, education, and performance and behavior change in groups.

Sourcinal is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with a global network of recruitment centers.

Why we are different?

Beyond Borders

Sourcinal offers new solutions that reach beyond traditional national and private-public boarders to truly solve industry critical candidate shortages.

Solid Processes

Solid end-to-end processes of validating and pre-boarding groups of international candidates for their new organization and country.

International Recruitment Centers

We provide high-quality European and Global candidate reach through our international recruitment centers.

Track Record of Excellence

Sourcinal is based on 20+ years of deployment of international recruitment models and expertise on behavior change in groups.

Management & Governance

Nelly Andersson


Tobias Berglund

Chairman of the Board

Håkan Dovega

Member of the Board

Anna-Lena Strid

Member of the Board

Anders Klevard

Member of the Board

Jakob Hägglund

Member of the Board

Christoffer Engblom

Board Coordinator


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Nelly Andersson - CEO, Sourcinal

Skeppsbron 16, Head Office

111 30, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

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Skeppsbron 16, 111 30
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden
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