New Collaboration with Fast Track

Note: This article is available in Swedish here.

Sourcinal is proud to announce a new collaboration with Fast Track, a program in cloud technology by Ignition Research. The program aims to provide the participant with knowledge and hands-on experience of the most sought-after platforms on the market in a course of study that is adapted to the participant’s prerequisites and conditions.

Together, we will use the platform to boost the competence of and further train qualified personnel from all over the world.

During 3-6 months, participants will learn how to manage complex cloud platforms from the largest suppliers, project management and how different agile methods work. Other parts of the program also include important topics such as presentation technique and customer management. The program is designed according to the needs and candidate profiles that are relevant in the market in order to make the step between participants and the labor market as efficient and short as possible.

For more information please contact Nelly Andersson, CEO Sourcinal.