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International Recruitment

Shortages of professionals is a national challenge in Sweden. Sourcinal provides the only true solution: International Recruitment. With our global recruitment centers and 20+ years of experience in mobilizing international candidates we stand ready to solve your needs.

Modern Swedish Matching Models

Following political agreement, the Swedish public employment agency (Arbetsförmdlingen) will be replaced by independent, services. Sourcinal provides models for independent matching agencies, in-line with public policy; benefiting private companies, society and the unemployed alike.

Medical Professionals

Licensed and verified medical professionals mobilized for Swedish working conditions.

IT Professionals

Hire pre-boarded and mobilized international IT candidates to your organization.

Private Matchning Agencies

Modern solutions, in-line with public policy, that benefit company, society and the unemployed.

International sourcing

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Key professional areas

Medical Professionals

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IT Professionals

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Modern Swedish Matching Models

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Benefits of our Approach

Sourcinal’s approach is based on triple win philosophy; clients, candidates and societies all benefit from our solutions.

Advantages of Scale

Our models are based on recruitment in groups to harness scale-benefits and harmonious workplace integration.

True Solutions

Together with our clients Sourcinal provides new professional capital to the Swedish labor market.

Canidates Win

Both across and outside of Europe there is an oversupply of professionals that local markets cannot match with qualified jobs.

Society Benefits

Sweden and the country of origin reach a win-win solution as labor demand reaches equilibrium.

Solid Processes

Based on 20+ years of international recruitment and behavior change.

Recruitment Centers

Sourcinal has established recruitment centers across Spain, Poland, Greece, Lima-Peru, and India.

Medical Expertise

We have integrated medical expertise in our organization and full capability to evaluate medical professionals.

Sourcinal Academy

Pre-boarding ensures candidates reach Sweden prepared for the work-life-culture and language of their new country of choice.


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